Tuesday, April 23, 2013


It was her week-long BIRTHDAY celebration. Kim, just like any other person celebrating his/her birthday, deserves HAPPINESS and nothing less on her special day. She deserves to be accorded HAPPY MEMORIES. She deserves to be RESPECTED. But, what the fuck happened to her The Buzz interview?!

Susmaryosep naman, birthday na birthday ni Kim, and she was asked about Gerald Anderson and Maja Salvador?! Okay na yung pinaiyak niyo si Kim answering questions about her family (because she's really emotional in this aspect.. shows how much she loves and values her family). But, driving her into tears because of some THOUGHTLESS, INSENSITIVE and INCONSIDERATE probing of her supposedly LONG-DEAD issue with Maja and Gerald?! Wow, binuhay lang ng The Buzz interview na 'yon ang issue for the purpose of creating a stir (again) and making a MEDIA CIRCUS (again) of Kim's life! Punyeta naman..

For once naman sana, sa birthday niya, they could have avoided probing her about Gerald and Maja. In the first place, given na talaga that this Gerald-Maja issue is a  sensitive case which didn't end up in a happy note for all parties involved. And to ask Kim ng paulit-ulit about this during her birthday interview?! Pinag-isipan much ba?? Kaloka. Eh yung marketing pa nila ng Kim's The Buzz Live guest appearance was something like "Kim Chiu.. aamin na sa tunay na estado ng kanyang relasyon with Xian Lim" . And so, was Kim really asked about her real status with Xian? Oh well, parang napadaan lang ang tanong.. it wasn't even a significant part of the interview (good thing though, the mention of Xian lightened up Kim's mood and made her smile and laugh). Instead, naka-spotlight ang pag-grill kay Kim sa Gerald-Maja issue. Paulit-ulit. Dapat yung marketing nila sa interview ni Kim should have been "Kim Chiu, napatawad na nga ba si Maja and Gerald?". Ganun dapat. Para straight to the point that they plan to ruin Kim's birthday interview by digging up this long-dead issue. I would like to think now that there was an intention of sending bad vibes to Kim because of that thoughtless probing.

And look where that interview landed Kim? Soon after, naging media circus indeed. Showbiz bloggers, netizens, tabloid reporters, some network staff and lahat ng mga nagmamarunong sa area  ng "pag-forgive and forget" are suddenly giving their #JustMyOpinion #NoOffense comments and reactions, and some innuendos which put Kim in a bad light now. And throw in the bashers and haters of Kim, na parang nabuhayan ng dugo.. sobrang nag-i-enjoy sila ngayon tweeting and commenting that Kim "is bitter" "should grow up" "still not over Gerald" "still in love with Gerald". And what is sickening is, even some of Kim's fans (the Group A of my previous post and obviously mga maka anti-Xian), seem absurdly happy over the unfounded allegations that "Kim still loves Gerald". And all because they saw a crying Kim answering that thoughtless probing. Hay naku, ang BRAIN CELLS nasaan na?! Equating tears agad-agad to "still in love and not over"?? Nakakaloka.

Why is it so difficult for people to believe Kim Chiu when she openly says that she has moved on already?
Why is it so difficult for people to believe Kim Chiu when she openly says that she's happy now?
Why is it so easy instead for these people to acknowledge as "truth" and believe the opinion and reactions of showbiz bloggers, ka-cheapan tabloid reports, and those people na hindi naman significant sa life ni Kim Chiu?
Mas credible pa ba ang mga ka-cheapan tabloid reports and those people who did not even interview Kim personally to hear her side of the story?!
Mas credible pa ba ang opinion ng kung sino-sino lang na mga nagti-tweet dyan who, again, hindi naman significant sa life ni Kim?!

That interview and the ugly aftermath just shows kung sino talaga ang hindi pa nakapag move-on in a major way sa Maja-Gerald-Kim brouhaha.  The media, foremost. They love the circus, they love to sensationalize. And it just terribly sucks how netizens suddenly get nagmamarunong in the area of "to forgive and forget". People could really say all they want about Kim. But, for those of us with healthy and active brain cells, we sure know better than to believe in trash. Case closed.

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